Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have returned from a Visit to my Mom's

I go about once a month or so to Mom's to help her go to her appointments and stuff! Like this time took her newest cat to be fixed ( To the tune of 260 bucks, man that was expensive. I remember when it cost about 50 bucks, of course I was working for the vet, and was all of 16)

Mom also had a reg doctor's appointment and we got in a fender bender in the parking lot! I do believe the other lady was trying to scam us since her damages were in the wrong place and had white paint in them mine is a champagne colored car! All we had was a line of black on out bumper! I took photos which I had to admit made her and her male companion nervous! Well I will  let you know what happens with that!

Then we went to San Antonio to see her skin doctor! They did a biopsies of her skin around her eye brow! That was bad news because she again has skin cancer and we will have to go and have it removed ! Poor Mom she was hoping it was ok and was fighting with me that it had heal so it was not important .I knew better, as it was acting much like the other sore she had that was cancer! So I will have to arrange things to take her to the doctor again to have it removed!

We also took her to her other doctor for Arthritis . He gave her new medications.  He enjoys her Art so they talked about that, and her latest piece that she had made with him in mind. It has a pig in it since his wife collects pigs. I add it here soon! She also was happy to tell him she has a big show in June though Sept in Killeen her home town!

We also had some fun staying at Canyon Lake for a few days with the 2 dogs and the cat who had surgery as we went back and forth for her appointments! I am very tired after all of it but wanted my fans to know i am still alive! Will write more soon. V

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