Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello Again

I been Missing in action you might say! Some good some Bad things have been going on and I am trying to get back into the swing of things!  Lost 2 of my computers sadly and since my son has me on Ignore at this time not sure if I will get them up or just deal with the one I have! Every one has set backs in life, I tend to take them in my stride "thinking to my self "This too will past! "

Well I never told you about my adventures at sea did I ! We went as a 3 some, my 2 guys and I. Stayed at  a little place down at Port Aransas Texas, during the week when it was less busy.  My darling Love took a lot of Photos for me, of me, for my sites see  Playing in the Sand Here along with  Girl Girl boot Play set with Barely Legal Angie, and Garter Dressing, which I added early yesterday. I also added a new bathing suit set called Beach Kitty on Top Ten as well (see photo). I added a set where I am worshiping another ladies feet and one where I am in sheer black and red set masturbating. I also added new videos to both places.  So have fun checking them out!

Back to my Port A adventures you say . I was taken for a Jet Ski ride, My very first! It was exciting , scary and made my inner thighs Hurt! "I would scream slow down slow down Your Killing me" and then giggle, My Darling Said he had fun laughing at me, as he drove into the wake of our  guide!It was like riding a bronco , but fun and yes I will go again some day. We saw Dolphins but alas never got one on film sigh too fast, but so beautiful.

He also blew up a boat and dragged me out to sea. I was afraid for him as well as me, because he was in the water and I had no control! The waves would come up behind me, hit the boat with me in it right behind my head and I d scream then giggle So it was fun Wild but fun and again I will go again!  I will add some photos of me in the boat and on the ski jet with my Lover Soon!

Hubby stayed home safe and BBQ our steaks for us when we returned. He isnt into the beach and swiming or any stuff like that did go to the pool with us ! That water was colder then the Sea! Hubby enjoy the being with us but well he let us be the kids and himself the doting Parent.
We did go out to eat 2 times on this 3 night adventure all you can eat fried fish and chips or fries and last night we ate at a new place and though nice all I remember about it was the wooden chairs and lovely view! I wasn't thinking food at that time!