Wednesday, June 16, 2010

As if one Blog is enough?

I started another one and wanted to invite my friends to also check it out ! As always if one is helpful 2 must be better! I hope that it will help me out read it and comment on this one as well and tell me what you think if you wish! Thanks Naughty Nurse Vicki!

This is a Rant !

 Hey Guys,
                  Recently I got an email from  a man who said he loved my photos and videos on my site!  I thought Nice a fan letter, I do love real fan letters and i do answer them all!  Then he wanted to trade me Porn ! WTF Excuse me, but honey I am a Model .  I am in the Photos. I don't want photos of other woman!  I never Trade photos or videos of my self or others!

  Why First of all I am doing this for a business, so I already give free samples, So no I wont give you extra free stuff just because you love my stuff! Store owners dont give you stuff just cause your a fan of their Bananas, or cars do they?

Photos may seem easy to you to do, but let me tell you it isnt easy, nor cheap! I spent hundreds of dollars buying equipment,  like cameras! I am on my 3rd digital camera for photos and getting my 4th one for videos, real soon!  First video camera with video film cost me $500! So none of them were or are cheap! I have 4 computers to run my site , my house cams ( 4 of those running 24/7 and one just for cam shows, cost each $40 plus) and to work on projects! I work on my stuff in some way daily! 

Now if  I got all that stuff free, I still have brought editing programs,  outfits, shoes, lighting, etc!
I also need someone to take the photos I do take some stuff myself but the best stuff is taken by some one else and guess what photographers want to be paid too!I also have banners designed he gets paid and each site I am on has fees too!

 Ok I explain to this Man that I am not into looking at Porn, really all that much my self.  I am in the business and see enough of it as I edit video clips!  Note"Most woman like to be in the video but well we don't enjoy watching it all that much"!  Oh I watch it occassionally to figure out new fetishes, get ideas or to get a fresh perspective. 

He seems gracious enough, but starts to send me photos of woman, doing sex acts. Man that really Pissed me off , didn't he read I wasn't interested?  Nor was I going to trade him for the stuff, he was trying to shove in my mail box!  I also don't agree with trading Paid sites stuff to others for free.  These photos and videos I make are copy righted Material and though I sell a copy to you don't mean  you can give sell or trade as your own!  I sell it to you on a site to view  not to take away my business. 

 So Next time you hit up a model remember She is working to make those photos and she has bills to pay just like you do ! Be respectful of her time and don't ask for hand outs !  I don't like beggars and I hate being pushed around! Remember " she works hard for the Money" Donna Summer 

I have always worked Hard for my Money Every cent, as Donna sings  it for us!  If you think I don't you try holding a pose in the hot sun ( my shoulders are already burned in this photo and we were out at least another hour doing this set see the rest here) while some one else is focusing or in the ice cold water like the swim suit models do. I may be fat, but when I model I give it my all and same goes for videos and all I do!

True Fans never ask me for anything except encourage me to keep working and buy my stuff if they can afford it! Sometimes I grow fond of my fan and I will give them bonus photos or previews when I chat with them on yahoo or Sign an autograph photo for them! Ive even gone on a Date with a fan before so I can be a guys friend etc as long as he understands I am not free easy, or his to keep.   For those of you who are true fans Stay sweet and know I do not include you in this Rant but hope to open some eyes!