Sunday, September 5, 2010

How to surprise Your submissive some evening!

                        I had my darling, subby puppy, coming over for the weekend and of course real life interrupted my original plans! My son needed a ride to work that night, since he missed the bus. I was the good mommy of course, so  we drove him there. I thought umm what could I do to make the play start with a different note, since my plans had been changed. The sun was going down, fast it was after eight. I thought "it isn't to hot, why not a stroll in the local park." So off I drove and my subby was unaware that the plans had changed in the blink of his mistress's eye.

  I drove into the park, and suddenly he turn to me with a funny blank look . After all he thought we were going straight home after our little errand. I love to pull a surprise or a mind fuck. so I said to him" I need a little walk in the park"  He put on a sad pouty smile and got out of the car.
     As we entered the park I grabbed his hand, as we passed another smiling couple leaving the park.   I took a few steps ahead of him and pulled him a bit so he was right be hind me, then wrapped both of his arms around my waist. Then I  pushed  his hands, till they  were cupping my bra less boobs, over my thin tank top. I stopped, bent over a bit, and  pushed my ass right into his crotch. He moaned in my ear and was soon squeezing my breast in a soft pleasant way, making my pants wet with love juice. I turned my head to kiss him a bit, then started to walk again a bit further into the park.  oh he got so hard with just that tiny bit of attention.

  Soon we reached a covered bench . I turned toward him kissed him and lifted my top to expose one soft, full, ripe breast with a hard nipple and pushed his head to it commanding "suck it subby!"   He sucked my tit till we noticed we had company , I made him stop, to walk on, as the mother child and dog went by. We walked on till we found a bench that made us separated from them, by a huge tree. I sat on the bench told him to kneel, and gave him my other breast to suck on.

I let him suckle for a bit then demanded he lick and suck on my feet. They were dirty from the dust,
but he went down and licked them like the trouper he is. When I was satisfied with his oral service on my feet and our company had cleared the park, I told him to "stand up pet " I pulled him down to my face and kissed him letting my tongue taste his, licked some sweat off his face and purred.

" Now eat my pussy" I  demanded  and pushed him toward my crotch . I had laid on the park bench and he lapped my pussy though my cotton knit pants making my wetness meet his saliva.  I pulled my pants down a bit exposing skin for him to lick . Soon he was in my bush, trying to probe my slit. I groaned and lifted my hips, wiggling so my pants went down more, and open my self to his mighty  tongue. The crickets chirped  and the darkness of night surrounded us deepen.We only noticed each others hands, fingers, trying to get to places in the dark.
         My legs opened more to him and I pushed his head deeper into my depths and pulled my pants up over his head,  as he lapped my honeyed delights. Soon we both heard a muffled scream as I  splashed him with my pent in passion! He pulled his head out of my pants and I giggled like a school girl at his messed up hair and dripping beard.  swung my self to a sitting position, and told him to"" kiss his goddess" then demanded after a good long kiss that he put my shoes back on and assist me up so we could head on home for more fun and games! Oh yes that was exciting and so was what happen after but out door adventures always get me super hot and you can bet I got what I wanted and how !