Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rubbing Lotion on our bellies!

The video clips are up on rubbing lotion on our bellies! Here are preview snaps from the video clips.

These are of Valerie !

These are of me !

You can see these videos only at  my Top Ten Amateur site at this time! There are  more photos taken before or after the video up there as well! Including a free set with me rubbing her tummy!  Whats coming next?  Angie K makes love to my belly button here is a preview ! That is the newest of me and Angie K we also did one where both gals Tickle me that should be up soon as well!Have a Wonderful week!

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hi How have you been?
                        I have been a bit under the weather The heat in Texas has been over 100 the past week and it really makes me hurt! I did see my chiropractor , Friday and he did help me a lot!

AngieK Lifting Valerie will be adding that video soon !

Me rubbing lotion on Valerie's Belly also a new videos coming soon!
            I did have a shoot last Monday with Angie Kimber (who was using the stage name of Barely Legal Angie) with Valerie and Diamond Amazon. We had a great time and some sexy new Photos and clips will be coming soon! here is another sample
Diamond Amazon in swim suit

            Tuesday we all went to a Place Called Barton springs in Austin and swam in 66 degree water! This is a famous place, a natural spring that they made into a huge natural swimming  hole or pool ! It was a great swim and we tried out a new set of snorkeling gear, sorry no photos yet as this was a very busy place with lots of folks but it was fun!
       My Mom and I and Our Boyfriends are going to Corpus Christie in Sept ! Mom's boy friend is taking all to a cool 3 bedroom condo on the bay where we can fish right off our patio! Well he doesn't know mom models some for me but don't you worry I will be shooting some photos with the boy friend. Got a new bikini  and well you know I have to show it off! Speaking of Mom I added New clips to her Clips 4sale shop and her new Fetish COD shop  so feel free to check them out!

On that Note I do hope you have a great weekend! your Naughty Nurse Vicki

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Revamped My Original Site ! Happy 10th Anniversary to NurseVicki .com

 Making and maintaining a web site is not easy.   Nurse Vicki has been up since the year 2000 so it being the year 2010, we decided for our Ten Anniversary in the adult business to redo our original site! I wanted it to be easier to use. I  wanted to keep some of the old, but add a new design, new images , including some new models.  I am now doing a lot more photographs then before so i needed to expand my site to include the new models
    We set it up where a member can look for the types of videos, he wants to see rather then just having to search  all the videos . If he only wants to see me can just look at Nurse_Vicki 1,2 or 3 3 being the newest sets 1 being some of the original photos of me. Each girl has her own photo and video section on the paid members area . The videos are also listed under different categories so if you like something you can look at it and if you don't well you can ignore it. One thing we didn't change was that members can still watch me on my 4 house cams 24 hours a day 7 days a week !  Memebers can also watch any group shows  I may do on  Rude or any other group shows going on every day of the week! I always thought that was a good deal for all my members.

  I love to have a few folks tell me what they think of the Updated version of My site!  I plan on having a few professional reviews of it now that we go tit up

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ladies going TOPLess All over the country and so am I

Saw this Article and thought I like to Share with my fans,  that we as woman need to go topless on Aug 22, 2010 ! Why you say ? To protest the unfairness of a old law! So check out this Link and also come and sign the petition to out law it being illegal to go topless in the USA! I am going to go topless as well on this day .  I will be sure and show the proof of me topless so I double dare you to join me and also pass this on! I am a Nudist and I dont like to wear clothing at all but I always wear clothing to keep from being arrested, but I do like the idea of upsetting the apple cart per say by doing this I hope you will help and pass it on! Hugs to my Fans and friends Nurse Vicki!