Friday, December 31, 2010

Ladies who want to be on the 2011 BBW Calendar! Next set








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Ladies who want to be on the 2011 BBW Calendar! First 10











Tuesday, December 21, 2010

***Contest*** Are you a BBW / SSBBW Calendar Girl?

I am Looking For The 12 Months Of  2011  YOU must Be a BBW or SSBBW
    (You need not be a Model to enter)
Please submit a photo of your self at your sexiest dressed for this contest! I also need a 2nd Photo that will be in the calendar this one maybe Sexy dressed to totally nude, But will not be shown until the calendar is completed!

 Rules :
1. Must be 18 or older please  please be at least size 16 and up not just big boobs
2. Must send  2  good quality photos (no webcam shots, please)
3. Photo 1 must be sexy Dressed this one will be posted and voted on,
     Photo 2  Is the Ladies choice from sexy dressed to Nude!
          (reserve the Right to chose between the 2 photos submitted)
B. Full body photos please !  Thanks
4. Send an email with the following:
* 2 Good  Original High Quality Jpeg Photos  high resolution  since this is going to be part of a product to sell! Not just on the internet please send well lit and not fuzzy thank you
* Name
* Age
* Location
* Photo Copy of your ID
* Email address

Be sure you send the above or your Photo will not be entered in my contest! First come, first up on My Blog Hurry sooner you get yours in the hight you be on the list!
  ***Note Winners will have to sign a Modeling contract to receive winnings since, The calendar will be for sale after the contest !

  Send them  to  me redcrazy at msn dot com
   (remove the spaces,put in a @ and a . spam control LOL)

  Photos are Due in by Dec 31, 2010  These will then be voted on  Starting Jan 1, 2011. till Jan 15, 2011  

  What the 12  Winners get
  Ladies You Win Your Place on My calendar You win the Option to sell The calendars to your Fans!

The Top Lady gets $50 dollars From my pocket and  First Pick of her choice of Month.

Based on Popularity the next Lady gets to pick her month. Till all slots are taken  Each winner will get one copy of the calendar free  or $20.00 her choice!

Total winners 12  Total Prizes Cash Money up to $270 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming !

    Ok it is that time of the Year again ! What to give, what to send. Don' t we just spend, spend, spend. I tend not to as much as when, I was younger. I find that most people don't care for what is given. They either dont give anything to you in return, or feel that  they must buy you something , more then they can afford! I really don't feel I need any thing, I have so much in life! Ask me what I want for Christmas. I will tell you, I don't really have a list!
           I give to my charities locally Like the  San Antonio Children's Shelter , or Animal Defense league of Texas where I sponsored a dog.   I want to have  a dog, but  with my 3 cats, and this small apt  house its not going to happen! One day I hope to adopt a dog, for now my Moms dogs and friends pets are enough!

   We are off to Arizona, to see Hubby's children and grandchildren . They are all gathering there to help him celebrate his 80th Birthday as well as christmas this year! So I am going to say Happy Holidays early this year. I wish you Joy and Happiness to you and yours, regardless of which Holiday you celebrate! If I don't make it back to write Have a Happy New year as well!  Your Naughty Nurse Vicki

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whats cooking today!

Well I wanted to share a few things I  am working on  Dangling my shoes clips for a request its on my Domme  clip Site

I also have been working on a great Photo and video shoot we did in Nov with some  great folks. We did a western themed   Damsel in Distress video and was so lucky to have a nice young man shoot these photos here are a couple of samples! My favorite is the one with the Dog, who wondered in while we were shoot I was too tied up to pet him as you can See but I did Talk to him!

More of them (60) are currently up on my Top Ten    The  rest will go on my main site next week monday. I did add a new girl to my Site Cute plumper or plumpet  Jasmine this week, isnt she so cute and yes she is modeling with me exclusively and doing videos too of course!

 I am now also working on a New Cam site called Justbbwcams run by my friends who also own Fat Forums where I am happy to have my own Fan Club I hope you will go check their site out!! I did add photos from this set  there So as always we been keeping busy!

Baby it 's Cold Out side!

Of course Texas isn't as Cold as the northern States and other parts of the world, but today I am actually wearing clothing in side! I am a tried and true Naturalist or nudist and I have a least a long shirt on today I know that's hard on my Fans Watching my House cams But Brr Baby its cold inside too!

 I know you don't like to see me all covered up so I am not wearing pants, panties, or socks but the upper body is covered! I am a cam girl so you could be watching on cam stripping for you, you know! I also Have Recently opened My site Back Up This is our Tenth Year, isn't that Great!

We are heading to Az for the holidays to see hubby's kids and grand kids cause it is his 80th Birthday month too! I did ask them to come here to Texas but nope they had other plans ! I suppose it will be warmer there but one never knows I do see it getting even colder before we go!

Tomorrow I will be heading out to see my Mom and bringing her on the rounds to doctors appointments and shopping. Yuck I don't really like to shop in the holiday season! Have you brought all your gifts  yet I am stomped what to get every one . I wont have much time to bake so I suppose I hid out and hit the after holiday sales and give my gifts then or look on the road!
                                Well that is my news for today ! Kisses Naughty Nurse Vicki

Friday, December 3, 2010

Did You enjoy Thanks Giving?

 I sure did . Though,  I  Missed My Darling Lover as he had to work, but had all male guest  list, any way for the Thanks Giving  Holiday! I had my sweet almost 80 year old hubby (Dec3 is his Birthday) I had My Son 27 and our BDSM Buddy/adopted son Shadow 24, so I was still surrounded by males! Of course the house cams were working god knows how many were watching as I whipped up my special oyster stuffing , in a chicken and a big breast of turkey. I stuffed them and also made a big pan of more stuffing! Made my green beans with Lars baked onions and lots of extra mushroom in them, so yummy.  Of course there was a big pot of home made mashed potatoes, gravy, all kinds of pie and Hubby's favorite cranberry sauce!

I had made pies on Wednesday,  6 of them . 3 pumpkin and cream cheese with home made Graham cracker crust, 2 reg pumpkin pies ( they all came from one big real Pumpkin that I cooked up before hand so when iIsay from scratch I don't mean out of a can! One mixed fruit one of black berries, raspberries, Macintosh apples,  black grapes and fresh cranberrys cooked the day before and drained then stuffed into the crust and baked . I do love creating something new and that pie tasted tart and slightly sweet just like I like it! Of course I being a SSBBW tend to run way to hot so most of my cooking and Baking is in the Nude! I wonder if you know that you can watch me 24/7 on my 4 house cams on my site ? You didnt well come by and check it out some time just click Here

                I slaved in the kitchen, with  my cool  buddy shadow assistance ! We managed to feed every one by about 2:30 pm ! I  was so full and tired, I felt that all  I needed  was a good a shower ! After my shower, I crawled into the big bed and thought I was just going to rest a bit . Haha I basically Passed out!  So the next time, I opened my eyes it was after 9 pm . I had missed the clean up, I had missed my sons and our buddies departure, and yet I was Happy because I managed to push my self to make the food, to serve to part of my special extended family! That to me makes me grateful because I can still do something ! Some days I don't nearly get that much done with my handicaps, but I do what I can . to know I fed them well and that dinner was and always has been a much waited event at our house each year!

             You know Me as a Model and a Photographer as a video Producer, but my family they know that some days I am just a tired house wife struggling to finish taking care of my family! They know me in good times and bad. For them I am thankful ! I am thankful for our abundances, counting food, family ,pets, love, roof over our heads. Counting being able to keep a happy mind set, not to drown in sorry grief or self pity!   I even am thankful for my pain because it makes me look for the smallest pleasures like being able to walk and not be in that wheel chair, to see my friends, to hear the birds sing. Yes I am thankful for each gift I have been given and I hope you are too ! Thank you for reading this and being my fan Kisses Naughty Nurse Vicki