Monday, March 8, 2010

My Pet gets his first time played in a public party!

             We went to a Party Sat night, the same one we met at in Dec. The first time we met, my pet was all wide eyed,about all he was seeing, with his almost vanilla eyes! Yes, he was almost a virgin that night, when I came into his line of vision. I drew him to me, his eyes followed me every where. I felt him watching me and it pulled me his way!
   Yes sometimes you get, what you least expect to.  I sat next to him, and started to talk to him . I am sure this was to his great surprise. Then I invited him to witness me getting played by my Sir B.  A wonderful Dom who I submit to. He does wonderful, horrible things to me. He got to watch, and I think he fell in love, with this bewitching switch woman, who caught his eye. I didnt fall as quickly, but I sure did like whatI felt and saw, in his puppy dog eyes.

He was asked by another to the party, but they tried to move to quickly with one so shy and new, werent they the fools. I told him to be careful when someone asks you  to soon to commit your self to them. I told him  that collaring was like marriage to me, a very special place by my side for ever. At that meeting, I had never collared any one, nor had I been collared. Oh I have had many play partners, and mentored many folks. We even put a collar of protection on a friend or 2, but a serious collar never had we gone as far, Hubby and I.
As for my husband and I ,we were married, before we got into the lifestyle. We didn't collar each other ,because we were already in a committed relationship.

    My darling is rather shy, so yes, I took the first move. I took him by the hand, led him deeper then hes ever been before! So fast did we click, we could not soon get enough and that started a whirl wind romance between two, but has morphed between 3 now as Hubby is welcoming him into our family too!

 After our private party adventure, we went on to meet more, as well as write back and forth. You see he lives hours away. At first I thought it would all frizzle away after a bit, with  the distance and all. No it didn't and now I am in the middle of a heart throbbing romance!

I will tell you more about the recent Party tomorrow my friends.  Right now I am glowing with his love, his submission, his growth as a man, in this lifestyle. I am glowing with his great need to please me. He is committed to one, only to me. Too bad for those who had their chance and didn't capture his heart . It is mine, all mine forever. Collared to His switchy gypsy, Mistress and keeper.

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  1. well it sounds like a great time was had by all. And I'm glad that you are getting him into that naughty, delicious world of yours. I can't wait to see how all this turns out. :)


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