Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh my back, dont you hate when it hurts ?

I sure do, so I try to keep it from hurting but it isn't easy! I went to the chiropractor Thursday for the very first time! He did things to me I had never experienced before, but at first I  thought nothing had  happen and it didn't hurt, but the next morning oh my God I hurt every wear ! I was told to expect it and yet I was a bit in shock.

Of course it was complicated by flipping our bed. Which we were not supposed to do, being it was one of those pillow tops. I slept on it, for about an hour ( hey it was all springs).I could not take it and went to sleep on my recliner and even tried the couch for part of the night.  I hurt all over and I don't really know which thing did it, or was it the combo! 

Well I did finally feel a bit better and started to move around ! Oh my I had a call from my lover and sounded drunk to him! So you know, I was bad off! I do hope if I sleep ok tonight I will be better tomorrow. So when my lover comes to see me and I get to play with him, i wont be going oh ouch. I think he will be massaging the boo boos a lot any way because usally when my back is out, it takes a few days to fix it!

I am glad at least that i am not screaming every time i move a tiny bit, or need to go to the emergency Room. Yes i have had that happen once, when i ran out of my arthritis pills. I hated how I was treated like a junky, looking for a fix, sigh, but finally some one realized that I really was in extreme pain! I got a shot and was told to go to bed!

So take care of your back or you end up like me! Well i let you know, where I am tomorrow! V

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