Monday, July 26, 2010

Naughty Short set in bed!

Wearing shorts and a tank top  for the Videos we were doing in the yard .The videos were so exciting to me that when we were interrupted by a nosy Neighbor who would have gotten an eyeful if we would have continued!  I was randy and very hot and naughty in bed showed my stuff to my lover and he loved it so much I ended up with his cock in my mouth LOL here are some  sample pics!

Do you want to see more go Here and get as hot as we did! LOL

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Phone Sex Any one

Do you remember the thrill of talking naughty on the phone with a girl friend during the hot summer evenings ! Or maybe it was all night long?

Man I do, but it was mostly with my first hubby, when he had to pull guard duty on Fort Hood Texas or on base  in Swinefurt Germany.

Sometime he would play games with the other guys and call me for the answer. Well I would give him an answer to his game question, but then I be a tease and tell him how much I missed him in bed with me ! I tell him a little story about us in the hall ways of his garrison or maybe in that cold guard shack to totally distract him from his game ! I love how hard he would get and how hot he would be when he returned to me the next morning! Umm those are some good memories!

I do it now to drive my current lover crazy too, while I play with my self! He is far away at times too, so the phone is sometimes our only outlet. Oh man, do  I make my self hot, horny and needing to feel his hands , his mouth and his cock on and in me!  I know  we get excited about our little scenes. Our scenes are now more about one or the other being tied up and helpless.Thinking how  the other has  their way with the captive.  Yes Ive grown up in my phone sex but I still enjoy all kinds of fantasy play!

I been doing phone sex as a service for many years now . Turning men on is a wonderful job and I  love to get into their mind do you have a fantasy you like to do with me? Well you can you just call
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have been a Photographer but I am reaching for the stars with my Models .

Yes I have been a model and even a video star ,but now I am also working the other end of the camera more and more. I want to share a few of my models with you.  So here goes recently discovered Valerie

I added the Full set we did in the Park Here

Next here  is one of my Mature but also plump models Sexy Dutch Girl . She mostly does video soft core Photos and Videos Check her out here for Videos Or here for Photo sets or here for her Member site

This is BBW Rosy Red

Can see More Here of Rose in her sexy corrset of course!  

Barely Legal Angie Playing at being a Naughty Nurse Grin out on the hotel patio  Last year. This set isnt posted Yet but others with me are as well as videos Here

I have more new ladies coming soon so be sure you check back to see what I am doing

Isnt summer fun ?

 Yes It is fun to get out in the summer sun and take some photos in a natural setting. We went to a sweet, little, park near the zoo, recently, on a quiet Sunday after noon.  I  was so inspired to be naughty in this quiet, place, that well I got really kinda back to nature! I started out in a hot Black and White Zebra print pantsuit and hot pink cover jacket, so I felt kinda exciting and wild! We found a place or two to let the wild beast out to play and yes I did take it all off and posed totally nude!

If you think these are  racy, you will  love the Totally Nude ones I put Here 

And I  will say it again Summer is fun!  I did sweat a lot in some of these photos, we took over a hundred and fifty poses .There are 79 of them worthy of seeing! I know sweating is sexy to some, but  I just got to feeling wet and hot . We also played a bit , I snuck into my honeys pants to kiss him and was going to give him even more, before the black and white cruiser drove up to make his rounds ! That kinda got us moving away from our naughty games, giggle!  Hope you will go by and see me working hard for you this summer!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wow Time sure does fly!

Seems that it was just yesterday that I wrote something here!  My real life has been busy and so I have been naughty and forgot to write any thing for my Fans lately! I am so Sorry to have been not writing do for give me.

Well I have been so lusty lately, and we have been making all kinds of photos and videos, my darling lover and I . This was me in a Tube for a 5 hour run down the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels  Was great fun except I got more sunburned then I wanted but I peeled and I am doing ok  The cooler rode on a tube too and My Darling took care of it all!

More Photos of this will be Posted soon on My Fat Forum Fan Club

A few weekends ago we went to a friends house the whole gang -  hubby , me, my lover, my grown son and his buddy Shadow and our friends Mistress Christine and her subby boy, for a Belated Fathers day BBQ and Video photo party! We were very busy eating and shooting and all agree a good time was had as well! 

This Set is up today of My self as  Mistress Victoria, Mistress Christine, My Puppy pet and her masked subby and The fellow in the Hat is Shadow one of our photographers !  So If your into Mistress and Subs Scenes do go and check out the rest Here!