Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bed Testing Adventures

I went out yesterday to test and buy a new mattress!  I  took a hot shower and made my self smell really nice, not to heavy on the  scent though. Don't want to transfer my scent to the bed, nor make up cause well again don't need to ruin any ones product. I do enjoy being treated like a queen and dressing up assures even the ladies show respect! I learned a long time ago to dress up when shopping, because sloppy gets you treated like scum. Besides my momma told me you never know who you will meet in a given day, nor how they may effect you.

 I  got all dressed in skin tight pants, and slinky blouse showing lots of cleavage. Put on a under-wire bra soft green with lace and shoes I could take off easy! Why did I get all dressed up you say! Cause  I know most sells men are men! I was going to roll around on the bed, so shouldn't I be eye candy while I do it? Every one was really nice to the sexy lady rolling on their beds and discussing price.

I went to 4 stores to get the best deal and found the same bed $200 dollars cheaper by shopping around, so it pays to shop around! The cutie who sold it to me was a big girl fan, I could tell, he was very nice to me after I plopped my self on the first bed  said "too hard" and made a sour face! I guess he was used to picky divas, we tried 5 different beds at his place,  before finding the same one I liked at another. So, I got a deal, he got an eyeful, that probally gave him blue balls! So watch out girl friend or wifey I am  sending him hot and heavy to you. "Grinning"

"Giggle " well I found the bed I wanted and it will be delivered today some time, hopefully before my guy comes to test it out with me! Even got a special cover to protect this new bed from stains, good idea since I am so squirty! We also are a bit kinky with food as well so to keep the warranty got to keep the bed clean.

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