Friday, January 29, 2010

Having some one Love you with deep devotion is not something I am used to!

Frankly I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop! Isnt Love grand though? I feel like a teenager again and if you know me you know that's been a long time ago and short lived! I was married at 17 the first time, had a child to take care of by age 19 1/2
  My first Husband was in the Army. I was his 2nd wife. He had a little girl already,by his first wife, so not only was I young, I was thrust into being a step-mom too. Although I didn't see her very much,  I was the one who made him send her Birthday cards,and Christmas presents since her Daddy was not  so inclined! My Son's step- sister was called Heather and she was a pretty as a blond doll.  I wonder how she is doing some times, has she grown up and had children of her own! My Ex Came from Georgia, and I still like men with a southern charm.

I grew up rather quickly with him, because although he was over 9 years my senor, he was not mature. I quickly figured out, that he could not control himself when it came to money . Money would run out from between his fingers. I quickly took over paying the bills, I would give him allowance. When he was out of money oh well> I made sure that the bills would be paid, and we have money to buy groceries,but that was about all. Sadly my son has this same problem, he is a hard worker, so was his Dad. I hope he finds someone take the reins on money. Yes I was a Domme already  and didn't even know it  HA.

At least my first didn't husband didn't drink, I had a drunk for a Dad, so I had seen enough of drunks for all of my life! My Daddy was also army and my Mom was called a war bride. They both drank, and smoked a lot in those days. Hey, I thought it was normal, to save my mom from drowning her self in the bath tub, when she was depressed, by her hubbies lack of attention! I spent a lot of my childhood singing my mom to sleep. Well I think that's enough for today ! I hope your enjoying my musing, and stepping into the past with me! Do comment thanks

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play Time Is what you make it!

Now we all need to play, even us so called Adults. My play comes in more then one flavor though. Some times it is vanilla, meaning straight, old fashioned, but very satisfying sex! I know how to please a man, be it hot, oral  sex, or a good hard, pounding in doggy position! I do love to please my lover, of course it is even hotter, if he can please me!

No it isn't the size that counts, not of he's male part, but really of his brain! I don't know about you, but a man who is smart, really turns me on! After the sex I want to feel comfortable with the man, I am cuddling with and sharing thoughts. I dont go for dumb blonds or boring jock only types. I like men who excel in science, math, or other noble brainy pursuits! Read or write poetry I love an man who is talent and likes a challenge. I will do my best never to bore you sweet Knight.

Oh some times I want to control all the action, with my partner ! That is when the mistress in me comes out! I like rope, chains , whips and paddles ! I do know how to give Pain, with pleasure! Are you into role play and fantasy? The hotter your mind runs the better,this naughty Mistress likes it! I also love being worshiped, and spoiled a bit . It doesn't hurt to massage my feet,back, and learn what your Goddess likes. what will make her purr, meow!

Some times the little helpless girl, comes out and she needs to be controlled by her Daddy you know! Oh how I enjoy the endorphins of a good hard spanking! I also like to take all my Daddy can give of mind blowing orgasms! I like to be made to cum and cum and cum! I also hunger for my Daddy's cock , make me gag on it Daddy Sir Ummmm now I made you think,  haven't I  Who am I this time, will you ever really know! Until we next kiss my darling, dream of me!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am Glad I am a Nurse

 A few months ago, I was at a Play Party BDSM style ! I was playing a sissy sub with another BBW when I heard a loud crash behind me ! I turned to look what was up and there was a Small Domme holding onto her hooded slave! He was pale, looked bad, from the short distance away from her station to ours! I didn't even think ,just flung away the whip in my hand and went to her aide!
He was limp, hot ,sweaty and in a hood. I asked her "need some help" there were Dungon Masters (people trained in emergency care to assist, carry, fix problems and protect subs),but I felt her need at pulling me, and I could see things were going bad! Yes she"" said asked me to remove his hood, as she struggled with a evil looking cock and ball Harness! I did this and he seemed to do a bit better . The DM's moved him to a chair, so I excused my self from her scene. 


I did keep checking,because I had a bad feeling that this wasnt over! Maybe 5 minutes later, again I heard a loud noise ! I turned to look, he was slumped down in the chair,barely in it . She was holding on to him and looked worried ! Again I rushed over to assist! He was out cold, clammy and hardly breathing! I tried to take his pulse, it was very thready and his breath  was very fruity ! I knew his blood sugar was low! I asked her is he a diabetic ? "I dont know" I saw someone I trusted coming over and told him go get me a cup of coke !


     As I waited, I patted his face, and tried to get him to talk to me, he mumbled something, but I couldnt understand . The cup of coke arrived and I got him to drink it slowly.I explained to her what was wrong that, she needed to get him to eat, or he would bottom out again! He finally was better, color came back to his face, his breathing more normal and he sat up.  I asked him if he had eaten he said "nö"  I wash his face with a wet cloth and got him moved to a table to rest!


    I was happy that I was a nurse this night, even if I am retired .My nursing training has served me well! Know who you are playing with, and always ask if the person has eaten as even non-diabetics can have a low sugar event! I also asked him to go see a doctor have a feeling he was undiagnosed ! Be well every one! Nurse Vicki

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Nurse Needs a Nurse today !

The past 3 days I have been battling a cold , so there have been a few folks sad because they could not be in my company,

    My Lover, slave, puppy, for one, can not for the life of me understand, that I don't want to give him my germs. He just wants to be with me, cuddle me, he thinks he is so strong, that he wont catch what I have!  Famous last words "Ï never get sick" Ha ha well don't say that because every one does sooner or later and stress will get us all! He is going to college, working 12 hour shifts and stressed out about his new relationship with me! I am strong willed and protective of all I come in contact with! So I am refusing to see him while I am this way! I am also a bit vain, who wants a lover to see one at one's worse

         My Best friend also misses me and wanted to get together yesterday, but she is extremely cautious with bugs and virus, being she has Hiv. Something that I am always aware of and I try not to bring her germs ! She is a sweet woman and so far her battle has been fairly easy. She isn't on pills yet for AIDS, so we all try to stay away when ill! She has two adorable grand kids who need their grandmother to be there.

 Another friend is battling  breast cancer and I  wont see her when I have a catchy illness! Sadly she is again in the hospital fighting a high Temperature and infection in her lype nodes ! Chemo isn't an easy thing to do, since she was diagnosed, she has spend a lot o time in the hospital! It is almost a regular thing take chemo one week into the hospital the next!

So I cant complain to much about my little old cold now can I ?!  We do complain , though cause we hate being ill. Well back to work I suppose , or is it back to bed! Yawn, bed for now, as for  work I am caught up for this week!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I really enjoyed the Phone talks

     But the guys always wanted more! First it was send me Photos ( no internet yet ), so these were hard copy. I didn't like my photos to tell the truth. Which I would take and send them for a fee! 

    At first I was very shy, and only did dressed images! I wasn't thinking of my self even as a model yet, just a voice. I worried they wouldn't like what they saw ! I was very careful to whom I  offered my photos too! I didn't want to lose them as a client, if they didn't like fat girls.  Yes I said " I was and still am Fat".

    Eventually I met two different guys, who convinced me to not only meet them, but allowed them to take my first photos (semi nude or sexy) One set ended up in a magazine called Plumper's and Big Woman. I was in the May 95 issue , in the amateur section . I  got paid, I think a hundred bucks for them, and it increased not only my phone sex business but the photo taking !

Yes I was on my way to Modeling, but I had a problem, both of the guys where already out of my life! One was a bit too crazy and the other I found out was married and lying to me! So what to do! Weill then My Mom stepped in trying to take photos of me and make me look skinny . That was so funny, because she, nor I at this understood guys actually like the fat parts of me! We used the instant Cameras cause of course we were doing semi nude and didn't want to have a public photo shop see them now did we! Oh it was so hard those early days! Early bit from some of those early photos 2nd one i made Art out of Grin! Times Change and we got Digital Age!

It all began when I was a Child!

I was always posing for my Mommy's Camera! She would say "be a movie star" and I would! We didn't know any thing about getting into movies, or being a stage mom and pushing for me to be a new Shirley Temple . I am told I was a beautiful child, people always admired me ! Some how I guess my fantasy of doing movies started then in those days of posing like a movie Star for mom!

We all get into what we do as a adult, when we are small, if you think about it! I also wanted to help little sick animals and people . I worked as a a Vet assistant in my teen years part time. I did so want to be a Veterinarian, but never got there. I also Baby sat and loved kids, but didn't become a child care person either. I did become a Nurse, a RN actually and did that for about 15 years! I did it, till I couldn't do it any more physically. Nursing isn't a easy job, by no means ,but I did Love taking care of my patients! I miss it to this day!

So how did I get started on this adventure into Adult entertaining? It all started because I had a sexy voice. One day I called my mom collect, to ask her to call my son's school, because I was going to be late bringing him to school that day! The operator was male and would not let me off the phone. He kept asking me questions! So when I finally got mom's that day I told her about him and joked that maybe I should do phone sex ! Well the next week my mom gave me an ad she found in some paper or magazine about doing phone sex and gave it to me, as a joke! Well I was new to Nursing and didn't know how easy it was to get a job and though why not check it out as a part time job since I was going though a divorce!

I was hired and taught and soon was running my own little side business of early phone sex . I had to run the credit card first, then do the phone sex call. I ran an add in a newspaper and my phone number was what they called. Wasnt too save if you know what I mean! It was very exciting though. Soon not only was I doing phone sex, I ended up getting mom in on it. She thought why not, since I was making nice extra money,talking to nice men.

So now you Know how i got started on my Road to adventure in the Adult Business world . You may even want to hear my voice which you can Just pick up your phone a call me ( if your new to niteflirts you will even get 3 minutes free!