Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I have returned from a Visit to my Mom's

I go about once a month or so to Mom's to help her go to her appointments and stuff! Like this time took her newest cat to be fixed ( To the tune of 260 bucks, man that was expensive. I remember when it cost about 50 bucks, of course I was working for the vet, and was all of 16)

Mom also had a reg doctor's appointment and we got in a fender bender in the parking lot! I do believe the other lady was trying to scam us since her damages were in the wrong place and had white paint in them mine is a champagne colored car! All we had was a line of black on out bumper! I took photos which I had to admit made her and her male companion nervous! Well I will  let you know what happens with that!

Then we went to San Antonio to see her skin doctor! They did a biopsies of her skin around her eye brow! That was bad news because she again has skin cancer and we will have to go and have it removed ! Poor Mom she was hoping it was ok and was fighting with me that it had heal so it was not important .I knew better, as it was acting much like the other sore she had that was cancer! So I will have to arrange things to take her to the doctor again to have it removed!

We also took her to her other doctor for Arthritis . He gave her new medications.  He enjoys her Art so they talked about that, and her latest piece that she had made with him in mind. It has a pig in it since his wife collects pigs. I add it here soon! She also was happy to tell him she has a big show in June though Sept in Killeen her home town!

We also had some fun staying at Canyon Lake for a few days with the 2 dogs and the cat who had surgery as we went back and forth for her appointments! I am very tired after all of it but wanted my fans to know i am still alive! Will write more soon. V

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some photos from our spring Picnic adventure!

Subby worshiping my shoe!
Will be adding a set at of these but much naughtier to my Fat forums Fan Club so be sure to check them out!

We had a blast!

His first time being played at a BDSM Party! Part 2

He is Lieing on the bed blindfold with his tied hands and ankles. I can feel his mind going Oh God What Now"" as I rub his nude ass with my hands. I start with some firm smacks on his ass with just my hands, each  stroke put down in a rhythm, a drum pounding ,  heating his ass up! I love how he wiggles and how red his ass gets as I pound it and his upper back.

Then I pull out a thick leather flogger. I use it on  his back, butt, and thighs I want him very warmed up before I get to the hard core stuff! I love the sound of the hits and his moans and gasps coming from his mouth ! I ask doing ok pet"?" he says "Green " I laugh in response and hammer him with a thud, thud, thud.then I float one gently between his legs teasing his cock and balls. His breath sucks in and I thud him there too, pufff out it goes! He holds real still controlling himself, fighting the urge to beg me to stop or yellow. I run my fingers up his leg and massage his back a tiny bit then go back into thud, thud, thud.

My hand reaches for a bit stingier flogger a braided leather one with fringed tips, I start to use it while still thud,thud, thud now it is thud, thud, swish. His ass jumps after that smack and I continue to do both for a bit, then move on to only the stingy one . All over his body lighter on the balls, but on them and he absorbs my energy floating on it! My cool hand caress him where the sting was just a minute before.

I grab a nice wooden paddle , drop the flogger when I see he isn't reacting to it as much as he did. the wood goes deeper into the muscle and yet is stingy as well. I hear him whisper " green" after a few strokes, almost provoking me that, I am not giving him enough! Smack, I crack it harder on his ass! I feel his scream, he is holding in come out as a "ohhhh" and I giggle and barely wait a second and I give him another  hard one. Then I go into a tap tap tap rhythm with a good hard one every so often, to keep him anticipating when is it coming next!
His bottom is  darker red now I can see a start of a bruise ( a first one for him)!I stop for a moment to let him breath and look at my toys thinking" what next" I run my hands all over his body cool and soothing. I reach around his chest and find his nipples and pinch each one in turn. then claw his back,  using a finger nail to put my name on his back! I take my nails, gouging  them into his red ass too. I  pinch it , clawing it with them, he moans and raises his ass up.   I reach under him again and stroke his man hood a bit, after all sexual stimulation helps ease pain. I hand spank him a bit  more,  lift up a leather slapper and a crop . I  start again with those, one here, one there. He doesn't know where my crop will land next and he bounces around the bed trying to escape it.No good my swift hand finds his body again and again!

I turn him over on his back and have my way with his nipples, inner thighs and lightly even on his penis. This is the first public play we have done. I am testing him,  he is testing himself and me as well taunting me with his whispered "green". I wont be pushed into a frenzy  , but take my time to use my toys with skill. I enjoy awaking the sub space in the boy.  I see it in his eyes and feel it in his body as it accepts the pain and the endorphins are turning on . I clip clothes pins to his nipples and love his moan and oh ouch, sounds he makes. later i use my crop to smack them off setting him off howling! I smile as the dog is out now.

It is a merry dance we lead , my hands love him and punish him. I love his breathlessness, the way his body jumps and I like how he is taking my pain and making into a thing of beauty.
 I wont tell you all the things, I did to him because that soon would be boring after all he took 45 minutes of torment from me. He was rewarded with a long stroking and petting session after with lots of praise for his submission to me! I will always remember his glassy look of gratefulness as he sipped ice water from my hand as well . His admiration in his eyes it will warm me for a long long time as he is mine!

Much later after he drive us 4 home. We stop first at our house to pick up the friends computer he left and  Hubby went to bed. We drove our good friend home, by the time we returned, hubby was sound asleep with his breathing machine on.
We were wild to make love to each other, Oh yes it was a passion filled night! Do not think that Dommes don't have sex, but only a special sub will be in her bed! I have found my special one.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

His first time being played at a BDSM Party!

It was so sweet going there, watching him, seeing his excitement! Made him give me the leash , kneel before me.  I clipped it on his collar. We took a walk around the place, and watched what others were doing. I didn't waste much time, noticing a open bed. I told him to go get the toy bags, he leapt into action, and was back fast enough, to find me sitting with a big smile on my face, waiting for him, saving the space! I sure I looked like a hungry lioness, guarding her kill, as others came by looking at the space "I am waiting for my subby" I told them. They looked kinda sad,but soon  enough he was there, and I was digging for what toys I wanted. Pulled out some ropes and my leather cuffs to bind him with. I needed a blind fold too ! I commanded that he get undressed, didn't allowed him to whimper and even told him no socks! Made him lay on his belly, like a big ole snake, on that bed! First I tied his hands together,then his feet. Next I  slipped the blindfold over his eyes............ more in a few days.

Spring time is here!

I am going to Barton Springs in Austin Texas To have a Picnic with my lover ! I am bring the food and lots of toys. I  will be wearing a pretty flirty spring out fit will post a photo soon.  I will have him take some, of me in the park. We are so lucky that spring is already here in Texas.  Oh we have some many adventures planned, I doubt we will be able to do them all! I wont blow the surprises,'I have for him and I dont know the one's he has for me, but I know there will be teasing and denial going on! We found our Song last Sat ,It came on the radio, as we were driving to the party with our Friend! Its sweet and reminds us of how much we need each other!

With that note I got to get to bed, since my baby is waking me up early in the morning oops it is already morning! Have a fun weekend folks Kisses Naughty Nurse Vicki

 ps you can see us playing together here

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Pet gets his first time played in a public party!

             We went to a Party Sat night, the same one we met at in Dec. The first time we met, my pet was all wide eyed,about all he was seeing, with his almost vanilla eyes! Yes, he was almost a virgin that night, when I came into his line of vision. I drew him to me, his eyes followed me every where. I felt him watching me and it pulled me his way!
   Yes sometimes you get, what you least expect to.  I sat next to him, and started to talk to him . I am sure this was to his great surprise. Then I invited him to witness me getting played by my Sir B.  A wonderful Dom who I submit to. He does wonderful, horrible things to me. He got to watch, and I think he fell in love, with this bewitching switch woman, who caught his eye. I didnt fall as quickly, but I sure did like whatI felt and saw, in his puppy dog eyes.

He was asked by another to the party, but they tried to move to quickly with one so shy and new, werent they the fools. I told him to be careful when someone asks you  to soon to commit your self to them. I told him  that collaring was like marriage to me, a very special place by my side for ever. At that meeting, I had never collared any one, nor had I been collared. Oh I have had many play partners, and mentored many folks. We even put a collar of protection on a friend or 2, but a serious collar never had we gone as far, Hubby and I.
As for my husband and I ,we were married, before we got into the lifestyle. We didn't collar each other ,because we were already in a committed relationship.

    My darling is rather shy, so yes, I took the first move. I took him by the hand, led him deeper then hes ever been before! So fast did we click, we could not soon get enough and that started a whirl wind romance between two, but has morphed between 3 now as Hubby is welcoming him into our family too!

 After our private party adventure, we went on to meet more, as well as write back and forth. You see he lives hours away. At first I thought it would all frizzle away after a bit, with  the distance and all. No it didn't and now I am in the middle of a heart throbbing romance!

I will tell you more about the recent Party tomorrow my friends.  Right now I am glowing with his love, his submission, his growth as a man, in this lifestyle. I am glowing with his great need to please me. He is committed to one, only to me. Too bad for those who had their chance and didn't capture his heart . It is mine, all mine forever. Collared to His switchy gypsy, Mistress and keeper.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh my back, dont you hate when it hurts ?

I sure do, so I try to keep it from hurting but it isn't easy! I went to the chiropractor Thursday for the very first time! He did things to me I had never experienced before, but at first I  thought nothing had  happen and it didn't hurt, but the next morning oh my God I hurt every wear ! I was told to expect it and yet I was a bit in shock.

Of course it was complicated by flipping our bed. Which we were not supposed to do, being it was one of those pillow tops. I slept on it, for about an hour ( hey it was all springs).I could not take it and went to sleep on my recliner and even tried the couch for part of the night.  I hurt all over and I don't really know which thing did it, or was it the combo! 

Well I did finally feel a bit better and started to move around ! Oh my I had a call from my lover and sounded drunk to him! So you know, I was bad off! I do hope if I sleep ok tonight I will be better tomorrow. So when my lover comes to see me and I get to play with him, i wont be going oh ouch. I think he will be massaging the boo boos a lot any way because usally when my back is out, it takes a few days to fix it!

I am glad at least that i am not screaming every time i move a tiny bit, or need to go to the emergency Room. Yes i have had that happen once, when i ran out of my arthritis pills. I hated how I was treated like a junky, looking for a fix, sigh, but finally some one realized that I really was in extreme pain! I got a shot and was told to go to bed!

So take care of your back or you end up like me! Well i let you know, where I am tomorrow! V

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess what I did this past Weeked, that i have not done in 18 years?

I went horse back riding! I used to love to go ride horses, though we never owned any. I would go any time, I could afford to go for an hour or so as a teen. I would baby sit, walk dogs, or clean floors, to earn the money to do what I loved so much!

Man it felt good to be in the saddle again! Thanks to my girlfriend Laura, who's daughter talked her into getting a horse when,she brought 3 of them herself. Yes they had a wild idea and now they are taking care of these wonderful creatures! Horses are expensive, so I could never afford them, but oh how I wanted one every since I was a little girl. I found out that Laura had one as a teen, I didn't know that we had horses in common.. I so love that she did it, brought us even closer then before.

We gals took the 4 horses for a sat ride in the cool, sunny, countryside, near my friends house. Her 2 grown daughters, Laura and I. It was a joy to ride the 16 Hand, mature beaut. I spend time getting to know her by brushing, petting, and talking to her. Oh the smell and touch of a horse it send me into lust to once again feel a saddle between my legs.
Hardest part was mounting such a big creature with my bad knees, and back. We finally had to give me a step ladder to get up on their pick up truck, so I could mount! I could not pull my fat ass over the poor horse back other wise! I am handicapped, but I still could ride! What a thrill and the best thing is I didn't die from pain, after the experience as I did expect too.  It was great exercise and I plan to do it again soon! Thank you my friend for this wonderful gift you gave me.