Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hey do any of you use blu cigs? You know the electric ones if the answer is yes they are having a Contest till July17

You could win 10,000 BUCKs I wont try to exlain it just share their Link

Thought I would share this !

 This is a new clips 4 sale store  opened called Old Time inspired! Where I create clips that are in Black and White or sepra like in the golden oldies! It is extra work to creat them but it is a chellenge and kinda fun Hope you enjoy them and for the next Month I am adding a lot of new ones Come by and see what I did ! V

Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello Strangers!

So summer is here and its hot as it can be and I love it cause I want to go swimming and floating and well just enjoying Nature ! I am home from my trip to Florida! We went to a great BBW Beach Bash while in Cocoa Beach Florida ! It was great fun met some really cool folks while there, including a few sexy Models who I worked with Like Lisa above who worked with me a couple of days! if you want to see some of the clips I did with her feel free to go to here clips4sale  She is a sweet little Mom and works hard to take care of her child! I also met a few other models see recent post about them! Thats it for right now got to fix supper more on my adventures soon! V

Country vs City Girls

These 2 Lovely Ladies are a Contrast in Sweet Country VS Chic City! only on

Found these recently while on vacation in Alabama they both are southern gals but one is more into the country life and the other the city ! One is into cowboys and big trucks the other into tattoos and city chic! Both are lovely dont you think I sure do!