Saturday, March 20, 2010

His first time being played at a BDSM Party! Part 2

He is Lieing on the bed blindfold with his tied hands and ankles. I can feel his mind going Oh God What Now"" as I rub his nude ass with my hands. I start with some firm smacks on his ass with just my hands, each  stroke put down in a rhythm, a drum pounding ,  heating his ass up! I love how he wiggles and how red his ass gets as I pound it and his upper back.

Then I pull out a thick leather flogger. I use it on  his back, butt, and thighs I want him very warmed up before I get to the hard core stuff! I love the sound of the hits and his moans and gasps coming from his mouth ! I ask doing ok pet"?" he says "Green " I laugh in response and hammer him with a thud, thud, thud.then I float one gently between his legs teasing his cock and balls. His breath sucks in and I thud him there too, pufff out it goes! He holds real still controlling himself, fighting the urge to beg me to stop or yellow. I run my fingers up his leg and massage his back a tiny bit then go back into thud, thud, thud.

My hand reaches for a bit stingier flogger a braided leather one with fringed tips, I start to use it while still thud,thud, thud now it is thud, thud, swish. His ass jumps after that smack and I continue to do both for a bit, then move on to only the stingy one . All over his body lighter on the balls, but on them and he absorbs my energy floating on it! My cool hand caress him where the sting was just a minute before.

I grab a nice wooden paddle , drop the flogger when I see he isn't reacting to it as much as he did. the wood goes deeper into the muscle and yet is stingy as well. I hear him whisper " green" after a few strokes, almost provoking me that, I am not giving him enough! Smack, I crack it harder on his ass! I feel his scream, he is holding in come out as a "ohhhh" and I giggle and barely wait a second and I give him another  hard one. Then I go into a tap tap tap rhythm with a good hard one every so often, to keep him anticipating when is it coming next!
His bottom is  darker red now I can see a start of a bruise ( a first one for him)!I stop for a moment to let him breath and look at my toys thinking" what next" I run my hands all over his body cool and soothing. I reach around his chest and find his nipples and pinch each one in turn. then claw his back,  using a finger nail to put my name on his back! I take my nails, gouging  them into his red ass too. I  pinch it , clawing it with them, he moans and raises his ass up.   I reach under him again and stroke his man hood a bit, after all sexual stimulation helps ease pain. I hand spank him a bit  more,  lift up a leather slapper and a crop . I  start again with those, one here, one there. He doesn't know where my crop will land next and he bounces around the bed trying to escape it.No good my swift hand finds his body again and again!

I turn him over on his back and have my way with his nipples, inner thighs and lightly even on his penis. This is the first public play we have done. I am testing him,  he is testing himself and me as well taunting me with his whispered "green". I wont be pushed into a frenzy  , but take my time to use my toys with skill. I enjoy awaking the sub space in the boy.  I see it in his eyes and feel it in his body as it accepts the pain and the endorphins are turning on . I clip clothes pins to his nipples and love his moan and oh ouch, sounds he makes. later i use my crop to smack them off setting him off howling! I smile as the dog is out now.

It is a merry dance we lead , my hands love him and punish him. I love his breathlessness, the way his body jumps and I like how he is taking my pain and making into a thing of beauty.
 I wont tell you all the things, I did to him because that soon would be boring after all he took 45 minutes of torment from me. He was rewarded with a long stroking and petting session after with lots of praise for his submission to me! I will always remember his glassy look of gratefulness as he sipped ice water from my hand as well . His admiration in his eyes it will warm me for a long long time as he is mine!

Much later after he drive us 4 home. We stop first at our house to pick up the friends computer he left and  Hubby went to bed. We drove our good friend home, by the time we returned, hubby was sound asleep with his breathing machine on.
We were wild to make love to each other, Oh yes it was a passion filled night! Do not think that Dommes don't have sex, but only a special sub will be in her bed! I have found my special one.

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