Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Guess what I did this past Weeked, that i have not done in 18 years?

I went horse back riding! I used to love to go ride horses, though we never owned any. I would go any time, I could afford to go for an hour or so as a teen. I would baby sit, walk dogs, or clean floors, to earn the money to do what I loved so much!

Man it felt good to be in the saddle again! Thanks to my girlfriend Laura, who's daughter talked her into getting a horse when,she brought 3 of them herself. Yes they had a wild idea and now they are taking care of these wonderful creatures! Horses are expensive, so I could never afford them, but oh how I wanted one every since I was a little girl. I found out that Laura had one as a teen, I didn't know that we had horses in common.. I so love that she did it, brought us even closer then before.

We gals took the 4 horses for a sat ride in the cool, sunny, countryside, near my friends house. Her 2 grown daughters, Laura and I. It was a joy to ride the 16 Hand, mature beaut. I spend time getting to know her by brushing, petting, and talking to her. Oh the smell and touch of a horse it send me into lust to once again feel a saddle between my legs.
Hardest part was mounting such a big creature with my bad knees, and back. We finally had to give me a step ladder to get up on their pick up truck, so I could mount! I could not pull my fat ass over the poor horse back other wise! I am handicapped, but I still could ride! What a thrill and the best thing is I didn't die from pain, after the experience as I did expect too.  It was great exercise and I plan to do it again soon! Thank you my friend for this wonderful gift you gave me.

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