Saturday, February 27, 2010

What is it with people who dont follow though?

If you want me to add your banner or blog, then add mine. Why should I help you and you don't follow though! I work hard to do my best to put up others links to sites, banners or to blogs, then I don't get a response or I get told oh my web master didn't  put you up. Not a good answer after a few weeks. sorry won't cut it.
             Well I do understand to a point, but please most of us do our own blogging, so shouldn't you have some control over it? No well it isn't a big secrete to doing this, it is very user friendly. Took me a few seconds to add yours and email you the link.  After a couple of weeks I think well where is my banner, link, blog etc! I had at least 3 people do that to me recently and Frankly I think its bad business! If you are asking for exchanges then put the other persons up and be honest, other wise your just stealing!

        I do check up on these things you know and Blogger's be sure you check others as well ! Now if you did add a link and I cant find it send me directly there in fact that is what I do when I added yours don't!  I So today I pulled some blogs off my page if it was yours well I looked and mine was not added and You blew it ! I always stand by my word, I added your. You didn't follow though by giving me my due! If you are looking to exchange links do hit me up, I am open minded if you can follow though! Yours in Naughtiness Nurse Vicki

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