Friday, January 29, 2010

Having some one Love you with deep devotion is not something I am used to!

Frankly I am still waiting for the other shoe to drop! Isnt Love grand though? I feel like a teenager again and if you know me you know that's been a long time ago and short lived! I was married at 17 the first time, had a child to take care of by age 19 1/2
  My first Husband was in the Army. I was his 2nd wife. He had a little girl already,by his first wife, so not only was I young, I was thrust into being a step-mom too. Although I didn't see her very much,  I was the one who made him send her Birthday cards,and Christmas presents since her Daddy was not  so inclined! My Son's step- sister was called Heather and she was a pretty as a blond doll.  I wonder how she is doing some times, has she grown up and had children of her own! My Ex Came from Georgia, and I still like men with a southern charm.

I grew up rather quickly with him, because although he was over 9 years my senor, he was not mature. I quickly figured out, that he could not control himself when it came to money . Money would run out from between his fingers. I quickly took over paying the bills, I would give him allowance. When he was out of money oh well> I made sure that the bills would be paid, and we have money to buy groceries,but that was about all. Sadly my son has this same problem, he is a hard worker, so was his Dad. I hope he finds someone take the reins on money. Yes I was a Domme already  and didn't even know it  HA.

At least my first didn't husband didn't drink, I had a drunk for a Dad, so I had seen enough of drunks for all of my life! My Daddy was also army and my Mom was called a war bride. They both drank, and smoked a lot in those days. Hey, I thought it was normal, to save my mom from drowning her self in the bath tub, when she was depressed, by her hubbies lack of attention! I spent a lot of my childhood singing my mom to sleep. Well I think that's enough for today ! I hope your enjoying my musing, and stepping into the past with me! Do comment thanks

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