Monday, January 18, 2010

I really enjoyed the Phone talks

     But the guys always wanted more! First it was send me Photos ( no internet yet ), so these were hard copy. I didn't like my photos to tell the truth. Which I would take and send them for a fee! 

    At first I was very shy, and only did dressed images! I wasn't thinking of my self even as a model yet, just a voice. I worried they wouldn't like what they saw ! I was very careful to whom I  offered my photos too! I didn't want to lose them as a client, if they didn't like fat girls.  Yes I said " I was and still am Fat".

    Eventually I met two different guys, who convinced me to not only meet them, but allowed them to take my first photos (semi nude or sexy) One set ended up in a magazine called Plumper's and Big Woman. I was in the May 95 issue , in the amateur section . I  got paid, I think a hundred bucks for them, and it increased not only my phone sex business but the photo taking !

Yes I was on my way to Modeling, but I had a problem, both of the guys where already out of my life! One was a bit too crazy and the other I found out was married and lying to me! So what to do! Weill then My Mom stepped in trying to take photos of me and make me look skinny . That was so funny, because she, nor I at this understood guys actually like the fat parts of me! We used the instant Cameras cause of course we were doing semi nude and didn't want to have a public photo shop see them now did we! Oh it was so hard those early days! Early bit from some of those early photos 2nd one i made Art out of Grin! Times Change and we got Digital Age!

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