Monday, January 18, 2010

It all began when I was a Child!

I was always posing for my Mommy's Camera! She would say "be a movie star" and I would! We didn't know any thing about getting into movies, or being a stage mom and pushing for me to be a new Shirley Temple . I am told I was a beautiful child, people always admired me ! Some how I guess my fantasy of doing movies started then in those days of posing like a movie Star for mom!

We all get into what we do as a adult, when we are small, if you think about it! I also wanted to help little sick animals and people . I worked as a a Vet assistant in my teen years part time. I did so want to be a Veterinarian, but never got there. I also Baby sat and loved kids, but didn't become a child care person either. I did become a Nurse, a RN actually and did that for about 15 years! I did it, till I couldn't do it any more physically. Nursing isn't a easy job, by no means ,but I did Love taking care of my patients! I miss it to this day!

So how did I get started on this adventure into Adult entertaining? It all started because I had a sexy voice. One day I called my mom collect, to ask her to call my son's school, because I was going to be late bringing him to school that day! The operator was male and would not let me off the phone. He kept asking me questions! So when I finally got mom's that day I told her about him and joked that maybe I should do phone sex ! Well the next week my mom gave me an ad she found in some paper or magazine about doing phone sex and gave it to me, as a joke! Well I was new to Nursing and didn't know how easy it was to get a job and though why not check it out as a part time job since I was going though a divorce!

I was hired and taught and soon was running my own little side business of early phone sex . I had to run the credit card first, then do the phone sex call. I ran an add in a newspaper and my phone number was what they called. Wasnt too save if you know what I mean! It was very exciting though. Soon not only was I doing phone sex, I ended up getting mom in on it. She thought why not, since I was making nice extra money,talking to nice men.

So now you Know how i got started on my Road to adventure in the Adult Business world . You may even want to hear my voice which you can Just pick up your phone a call me ( if your new to niteflirts you will even get 3 minutes free!


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