Thursday, February 4, 2010

Well its the Fourth of Febuary, 10 days until Valentine’s Day!

So what do you get someone for this Day!? Well that depends on who they are and why you are getting it!  I like to give gifts to many , but this isn't just for any one, its a  kind of day this is supposed to be for LOVE or Lovers!  I cant wait to see what my Lover has in store for me! I know what he wants to have for the special Day ..... do you? No cant think of a thing right! hehe Well he wants me all to himself in bed of course!

I want Him too, but I may play hard to get, make him wait for me. Oh make him beg for me! Maybe I will  tie him up and tease him, not let him taste my sweet nectar, not touched by my honeyed lips . Wouldn't that drive him mad with passion , to have to wait to taste my delights! I might just tie my self up in red ribbon and make him untie it with his teeth. 

Maybe I will dip strawberries in champagne and rub them all over my big breasts and make him crawl up my body to lick it off! Pour the that lovely stuff in my belly button, and drizzle it down to my mound! Or if he likes shoes, pour some in my high heel to drink from it and taste my foot! There are so many romantic ways to celebrate! I hope you will do some thing special to your gal, or your guy. I know I will be!  Don't think things Do actions Baby. Now where did I put that rope and the hot wax?   
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Your Naughty Nurse!

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