Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Nurse Needs a Nurse today !

The past 3 days I have been battling a cold , so there have been a few folks sad because they could not be in my company,

    My Lover, slave, puppy, for one, can not for the life of me understand, that I don't want to give him my germs. He just wants to be with me, cuddle me, he thinks he is so strong, that he wont catch what I have!  Famous last words "Ï never get sick" Ha ha well don't say that because every one does sooner or later and stress will get us all! He is going to college, working 12 hour shifts and stressed out about his new relationship with me! I am strong willed and protective of all I come in contact with! So I am refusing to see him while I am this way! I am also a bit vain, who wants a lover to see one at one's worse

         My Best friend also misses me and wanted to get together yesterday, but she is extremely cautious with bugs and virus, being she has Hiv. Something that I am always aware of and I try not to bring her germs ! She is a sweet woman and so far her battle has been fairly easy. She isn't on pills yet for AIDS, so we all try to stay away when ill! She has two adorable grand kids who need their grandmother to be there.

 Another friend is battling  breast cancer and I  wont see her when I have a catchy illness! Sadly she is again in the hospital fighting a high Temperature and infection in her lype nodes ! Chemo isn't an easy thing to do, since she was diagnosed, she has spend a lot o time in the hospital! It is almost a regular thing take chemo one week into the hospital the next!

So I cant complain to much about my little old cold now can I ?!  We do complain , though cause we hate being ill. Well back to work I suppose , or is it back to bed! Yawn, bed for now, as for  work I am caught up for this week!

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