Sunday, January 24, 2010

I am Glad I am a Nurse

 A few months ago, I was at a Play Party BDSM style ! I was playing a sissy sub with another BBW when I heard a loud crash behind me ! I turned to look what was up and there was a Small Domme holding onto her hooded slave! He was pale, looked bad, from the short distance away from her station to ours! I didn't even think ,just flung away the whip in my hand and went to her aide!
He was limp, hot ,sweaty and in a hood. I asked her "need some help" there were Dungon Masters (people trained in emergency care to assist, carry, fix problems and protect subs),but I felt her need at pulling me, and I could see things were going bad! Yes she"" said asked me to remove his hood, as she struggled with a evil looking cock and ball Harness! I did this and he seemed to do a bit better . The DM's moved him to a chair, so I excused my self from her scene. 


I did keep checking,because I had a bad feeling that this wasnt over! Maybe 5 minutes later, again I heard a loud noise ! I turned to look, he was slumped down in the chair,barely in it . She was holding on to him and looked worried ! Again I rushed over to assist! He was out cold, clammy and hardly breathing! I tried to take his pulse, it was very thready and his breath  was very fruity ! I knew his blood sugar was low! I asked her is he a diabetic ? "I dont know" I saw someone I trusted coming over and told him go get me a cup of coke !


     As I waited, I patted his face, and tried to get him to talk to me, he mumbled something, but I couldnt understand . The cup of coke arrived and I got him to drink it slowly.I explained to her what was wrong that, she needed to get him to eat, or he would bottom out again! He finally was better, color came back to his face, his breathing more normal and he sat up.  I asked him if he had eaten he said "nö"  I wash his face with a wet cloth and got him moved to a table to rest!


    I was happy that I was a nurse this night, even if I am retired .My nursing training has served me well! Know who you are playing with, and always ask if the person has eaten as even non-diabetics can have a low sugar event! I also asked him to go see a doctor have a feeling he was undiagnosed ! Be well every one! Nurse Vicki

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