Thursday, January 28, 2010

Play Time Is what you make it!

Now we all need to play, even us so called Adults. My play comes in more then one flavor though. Some times it is vanilla, meaning straight, old fashioned, but very satisfying sex! I know how to please a man, be it hot, oral  sex, or a good hard, pounding in doggy position! I do love to please my lover, of course it is even hotter, if he can please me!

No it isn't the size that counts, not of he's male part, but really of his brain! I don't know about you, but a man who is smart, really turns me on! After the sex I want to feel comfortable with the man, I am cuddling with and sharing thoughts. I dont go for dumb blonds or boring jock only types. I like men who excel in science, math, or other noble brainy pursuits! Read or write poetry I love an man who is talent and likes a challenge. I will do my best never to bore you sweet Knight.

Oh some times I want to control all the action, with my partner ! That is when the mistress in me comes out! I like rope, chains , whips and paddles ! I do know how to give Pain, with pleasure! Are you into role play and fantasy? The hotter your mind runs the better,this naughty Mistress likes it! I also love being worshiped, and spoiled a bit . It doesn't hurt to massage my feet,back, and learn what your Goddess likes. what will make her purr, meow!

Some times the little helpless girl, comes out and she needs to be controlled by her Daddy you know! Oh how I enjoy the endorphins of a good hard spanking! I also like to take all my Daddy can give of mind blowing orgasms! I like to be made to cum and cum and cum! I also hunger for my Daddy's cock , make me gag on it Daddy Sir Ummmm now I made you think,  haven't I  Who am I this time, will you ever really know! Until we next kiss my darling, dream of me!

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