Friday, December 3, 2010

Did You enjoy Thanks Giving?

 I sure did . Though,  I  Missed My Darling Lover as he had to work, but had all male guest  list, any way for the Thanks Giving  Holiday! I had my sweet almost 80 year old hubby (Dec3 is his Birthday) I had My Son 27 and our BDSM Buddy/adopted son Shadow 24, so I was still surrounded by males! Of course the house cams were working god knows how many were watching as I whipped up my special oyster stuffing , in a chicken and a big breast of turkey. I stuffed them and also made a big pan of more stuffing! Made my green beans with Lars baked onions and lots of extra mushroom in them, so yummy.  Of course there was a big pot of home made mashed potatoes, gravy, all kinds of pie and Hubby's favorite cranberry sauce!

I had made pies on Wednesday,  6 of them . 3 pumpkin and cream cheese with home made Graham cracker crust, 2 reg pumpkin pies ( they all came from one big real Pumpkin that I cooked up before hand so when iIsay from scratch I don't mean out of a can! One mixed fruit one of black berries, raspberries, Macintosh apples,  black grapes and fresh cranberrys cooked the day before and drained then stuffed into the crust and baked . I do love creating something new and that pie tasted tart and slightly sweet just like I like it! Of course I being a SSBBW tend to run way to hot so most of my cooking and Baking is in the Nude! I wonder if you know that you can watch me 24/7 on my 4 house cams on my site ? You didnt well come by and check it out some time just click Here

                I slaved in the kitchen, with  my cool  buddy shadow assistance ! We managed to feed every one by about 2:30 pm ! I  was so full and tired, I felt that all  I needed  was a good a shower ! After my shower, I crawled into the big bed and thought I was just going to rest a bit . Haha I basically Passed out!  So the next time, I opened my eyes it was after 9 pm . I had missed the clean up, I had missed my sons and our buddies departure, and yet I was Happy because I managed to push my self to make the food, to serve to part of my special extended family! That to me makes me grateful because I can still do something ! Some days I don't nearly get that much done with my handicaps, but I do what I can . to know I fed them well and that dinner was and always has been a much waited event at our house each year!

             You know Me as a Model and a Photographer as a video Producer, but my family they know that some days I am just a tired house wife struggling to finish taking care of my family! They know me in good times and bad. For them I am thankful ! I am thankful for our abundances, counting food, family ,pets, love, roof over our heads. Counting being able to keep a happy mind set, not to drown in sorry grief or self pity!   I even am thankful for my pain because it makes me look for the smallest pleasures like being able to walk and not be in that wheel chair, to see my friends, to hear the birds sing. Yes I am thankful for each gift I have been given and I hope you are too ! Thank you for reading this and being my fan Kisses Naughty Nurse Vicki

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