Thursday, December 9, 2010

Whats cooking today!

Well I wanted to share a few things I  am working on  Dangling my shoes clips for a request its on my Domme  clip Site

I also have been working on a great Photo and video shoot we did in Nov with some  great folks. We did a western themed   Damsel in Distress video and was so lucky to have a nice young man shoot these photos here are a couple of samples! My favorite is the one with the Dog, who wondered in while we were shoot I was too tied up to pet him as you can See but I did Talk to him!

More of them (60) are currently up on my Top Ten    The  rest will go on my main site next week monday. I did add a new girl to my Site Cute plumper or plumpet  Jasmine this week, isnt she so cute and yes she is modeling with me exclusively and doing videos too of course!

 I am now also working on a New Cam site called Justbbwcams run by my friends who also own Fat Forums where I am happy to have my own Fan Club I hope you will go check their site out!! I did add photos from this set  there So as always we been keeping busy!

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