Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming !

    Ok it is that time of the Year again ! What to give, what to send. Don' t we just spend, spend, spend. I tend not to as much as when, I was younger. I find that most people don't care for what is given. They either dont give anything to you in return, or feel that  they must buy you something , more then they can afford! I really don't feel I need any thing, I have so much in life! Ask me what I want for Christmas. I will tell you, I don't really have a list!
           I give to my charities locally Like the  San Antonio Children's Shelter , or Animal Defense league of Texas where I sponsored a dog.   I want to have  a dog, but  with my 3 cats, and this small apt  house its not going to happen! One day I hope to adopt a dog, for now my Moms dogs and friends pets are enough!

   We are off to Arizona, to see Hubby's children and grandchildren . They are all gathering there to help him celebrate his 80th Birthday as well as christmas this year! So I am going to say Happy Holidays early this year. I wish you Joy and Happiness to you and yours, regardless of which Holiday you celebrate! If I don't make it back to write Have a Happy New year as well!  Your Naughty Nurse Vicki

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