Monday, November 22, 2010

Its Monday Morning and I am still awake!

 I am Wet from a shower, and just remade my bed. Why cause my darling is coming to me bright and early in the day to wake me with a kiss! Don't you like romance and surprises? I do I am always amazed when some one comes into my life out of the blue. I feel loved when one of my fans lets me know, that  they are taken with me, I don't see what you see in me my fans, I really don't.
             I just a regular Woman, living a reg life in my mind!  I watered my garden today, looked at the tomatoes still growing in the pots, hoping that a freeze doesn't get them, before I can pick them. I stick my self 6 times a day to control my blood sugar. I eat things both good for me and bad for me.
          Tonight it was liver and onions which I really shouldn't eat,but it was fresh from a deer, my best girl friends hubby gifted to my family! I sliced it up thin and fried it the way hubby likes it. I  made German fried potatoes, cauliflower and onion gravy  with it! I loved it and licked up the blob of gravy that fell on my top with gusto ! The rest went in to cook pot and was boiled till it was tender and put though my food processor for my kitties, cause they do Love liver so . I  gave them each a tablespoonful to their purring delight! The rest was frozen away for another day, as it is a treat, they aren't allowed to often as it is so rich.  I also nibbled on some yummy grapes and yogurt for dessert trying to be good!
            I am lucky that I have my fans after all how would I earn a living if someone didn't enjoy my work in photos as a model in videos as actress, or porn star or behind the scenes as editor and producer! No dear Fans I do Love to hear from you and I love it when like to day some one shows me with a surprise gift just how much they enjoy me! So you know who you are Thank you fan!
         If you never brought anything from me, nor gifted me in any way, I do not hold that against you because we can not all give from our pockets but your loving support is much appreciated ! I have fans who write stories about me, fans who vote for me, fans who cheer me up when I am down. I have  fans who make comments about my work, helping me stay where others can see me on the forums, after all there are lots of models out there to be admired so I wanted to say Thank you to all my fans. The ones who who are quiet and the ones who are loud! I do want you to know I do hear your request and I do answer my emails and I do Love you back. So Thank You each and every one of you reading this Blog to day!
Your Naughty Nurse Vicki

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