Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snow in Texas! What fun we had!

             Wow We have been getting a lot of interesting weather lately even as far south as Austin Texas! Just recently I got to be in the snow, when I  was having a little date in Austin. I even made a few snow balls and threw them at my date, to his surprise. It was like being a naughty kid again! I enjoyed the white stuff because I knew it was a rare thing to see in Texas we don't get snow but maybe ever 7 to 8 years. I took these photos at a Holiday Inn Express on the north side of Austin. Yes, we also ate at the  BBQ place in the picture, called Bill Millers their chicken was good. I not a big fan of bbq truthfully except my own bbq ribs yum. Funny how cold weather makes one hungry.

        Its fun to play and though we did walk and play a bit in the snow, we had more fun indoors! It was of a more heated nature. What in the world, you must be thinking, what did they do? Well we switched being the sub and dom in a bit of bondage and tickle. My Baby is learning the fine art of BDSM. He does enjoy being face sat on ( want to see some clips we did with him as the victim? go here)  and also found he enjoys bondage with me as the victim ( to see that go here). It is great fun and sure can spice up ones sex  life! So though it was cold outside it was sizzling hot inside! Me all tied up below! Again it is always a good time for a little play time !

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