Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh the things I do for you!

Requested videos are something  that I do for my fans! Some get to be a bit much for my personal taste, but some are fun! Like our most recent adventure of licking each others face in the nude with the licker on top! This was fun and though I  didn't have any issues with licking my guys face. Man oh man when it was time for him to lick mine, well I am ticklish so you can see it was funny! I am so ticklish, but never thought it would be from his tongue on my face ! It was wet and messy with  lots of drool.  I guess, I taste good he seems to like to lick other places, but he was all gung ho for me, the sweetie! Of course I never know what will turn a guy on any more ! Want to see these clips they are going up this weekend so here enjoy! More later. back to bed I am so tired!

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