Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ladies and Gents I thought getting this calendar together would be a breeze!

I was wrong.
          I had not heard from some of the winners even after multiple emails to them! So I am going to write here I have written them other places too But this is My Final notice ! Winners If you have not sent me your contract to use your photos you sent in to the contest for this calendar by the 5 of March. Then you are Officially out of the Calendar and some one will take your Place You lose your winnings! ( ladies who sent your contract to me Thank you! You are still in and will receive a Calendar or your Money very soon)  I have also Decide to Make this the 2012 Calendar So that the buys can have some time to buy and enjoy it Since over 2 months Have Past By already and I decided to get the paper work done first next time ! I am sorry About the delay ! Thanks You All

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