Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ladies going TOPLess All over the country and so am I

Saw this Article and thought I like to Share with my fans,  that we as woman need to go topless on Aug 22, 2010 ! Why you say ? To protest the unfairness of a old law! So check out this Link and also come and sign the petition to out law it being illegal to go topless in the USA! I am going to go topless as well on this day .  I will be sure and show the proof of me topless so I double dare you to join me and also pass this on! I am a Nudist and I dont like to wear clothing at all but I always wear clothing to keep from being arrested, but I do like the idea of upsetting the apple cart per say by doing this I hope you will help and pass it on! Hugs to my Fans and friends Nurse Vicki!

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