Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isnt summer fun ?

 Yes It is fun to get out in the summer sun and take some photos in a natural setting. We went to a sweet, little, park near the zoo, recently, on a quiet Sunday after noon.  I  was so inspired to be naughty in this quiet, place, that well I got really kinda back to nature! I started out in a hot Black and White Zebra print pantsuit and hot pink cover jacket, so I felt kinda exciting and wild! We found a place or two to let the wild beast out to play and yes I did take it all off and posed totally nude!

If you think these are  racy, you will  love the Totally Nude ones I put Here 

And I  will say it again Summer is fun!  I did sweat a lot in some of these photos, we took over a hundred and fifty poses .There are 79 of them worthy of seeing! I know sweating is sexy to some, but  I just got to feeling wet and hot . We also played a bit , I snuck into my honeys pants to kiss him and was going to give him even more, before the black and white cruiser drove up to make his rounds ! That kinda got us moving away from our naughty games, giggle!  Hope you will go by and see me working hard for you this summer!

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